An Easier Solution for Knee Therapy

Modified orthosis SecuTec Genu

From now on the Bauerfeind hard-frame orthosis SecuTec Genu will be marketed in a new version. With new functional solutions, it simplifies the therapy of cruciate ligament, collateral ligament and meniscus injuries, from care provision to ease of wear.

The new SecuTec Genu is an orthosis without tools, and can be adjusted without accessories. Doctors and technicians can check the hinge from the outside to see how much limitation is being applied to flexion and extension. The orthosis is also lighter and flatter. It is placed on the knee from the front as usual, but is now fixed with practical, quick-action fasteners. Its customizable frames for the thigh and lower leg can be combined regardless of size. The sixth strap on the thigh provided as standard and the new height-adjustable calf strap ensure an improved fit. The comfortable and hygienic microfiber pad of the new orthosis offers pleasant wearing comfort. All of these factors make for optimal safety during therapy.