Now available in five comfort sizes


From November onwards, the GenuTrain knee support will be offered in five additional comfort sizes with increased thigh dimensions. In addition to the eight standard sizes 0 to 7, the sizes 3C to 7C will now also be available. They are particularly suitable for patients with a conical leg shape. The comfort size has an additional three centimeters in circumference compared with the standard size.

This means that, instead of 44 to 47 centimeters, GenuTrain Size 3C has thigh dimensions of 47 to 50 centimeters, corresponding to the circumference of size 4. The dimensions for the lower leg will remain the same, with no difference between the standard and comfort sizes.

The new GenuTrain sizes are available in three colors: nature, black and titanium. Silicone coating on the inside of the top edge is available on request. Small silicone nubs produce a non-slip effect when they come into contact with the skin, providing an enhanced grip. This will ensure that the support fits securely during movement which is where it really reveals its stabilizing and muscle-activating effects.